Courses Offered

Speaking Session

Enjoy live English-speaking practice on grammar-themed topics and everyday situations.

Audio and Video Sessions

Live interactive sessions – Attend Live Sessions. Learn and Interact with your trainers and co-learners in the virtual classroom

Group discussion

Get engaged with your trainers and co-learners to improve your socializing skills. Participate in group discussions, debates and roleplays. Share opinions, agree or disagree on your viewpoints.

Public speaking

Prepared and Extempore Speaking. Practice to master the art of Public Speaking Skills.

Result oriented session

Daily assignments-Practice makes one perfect the art of learning. Consistency and language immersion happens through these assignments.

Weekly Assessments

Assessing your proficiency level at regular intervals helps both the student and the trainer in terms of improvement areas. Therefore, we mandate assessments and give regular feedback on the way forward.



Online Speaking Course for Beginner level learners include basics of grammar, vocabulary building, idioms and phrases and sentence structure. We get them out of their inhibition zone by getting them to speak consistently.


We focus on English Fluency and language flow. We work on Soft Skills and communication skills required for social life and workplace by helping you master the art of group discussion and public speaking skills.


To break the monotony of the regular sessions, we bring in Experts who share their experience and wisdom in their chosen domain. Such expert sessions are delivered by experts who are masters in their field.

Sessions for Childrens

Carpe Diem’s Offline & Online platform is a place where your child can have 1-to-1 English language sessions with qualified English tutor which is a structured online language program for children. Carpe Diem offers online and offline sessions with conversation practice, personalized feedback, and human interaction in classes at an affordable price. We also prepare lessons and provide teaching materials based on your child’s level or needs which includes Vocabulary, Phonics, Grammar, Pronunciation, Public speaking, Presentations skills, Group discussions, Stage fear eradication.,

Corporate Training Offline & Online

Carpe Diem Skills Academy has unparalleled expertise in delivering corporate English language training solutions. We offer the highest calibre language training specializing in practical business vocabulary, role play, and also ESP (English for Specific Purposes) for corporate. Offering Best English training for corporate, we are committed to partnering with clients to deliver value-added training that brings tangible results. In order to communicate effectively in a multi-cultural business environment, it is important to be able to express one’s ideas with impact and in appropriate style.